things that i like on o'ahu 🏝

Coffee shops

Coffee Talk (closes at 6)

Waioli Kitchen & Bake Shop (closes at 2, closed on monday)

Morning Brew Kaka'ako (closes at 6)

ARS Cafe (closes at 6, no internet)

Knots Coffee Roasters (closes at 8)

Bluetree Cafe (closes at 5 or 6)

Glazer's Coffee (closes at 9 or 10)

Food (the best)

Pizza: Garibaldi's (pepperoni pizza)


Breadshop (if you want a sourdough loaf, this is your spot)

Brug Bakery (mochi donut, sandwich bread)

Bubble Tea: It's Tea Poke: Fresh Catch

Tamura's Bun: Hale Vietnam (bbq pork with imperial rolls bun bowl) Izayaka:

Imanas Tei (sashimi is 💯, need to go back for nabe because i miss eiji) Izakaya Naru (everything is good okinawa style) Shaved Ice:

Uncle Clay's House of Pure Aloha

Waiola Shave Ice

Matsumoto Shave Ice (north shore, get the mochi topping) Gelato: Via Gelato Fish: Paia Fish Market

Noodle Soup: The Pig and the Lady (bun bo hue, i need to try hanoi egg coffee) Sashimi:

Ahi & Vegetable (#10 sashimi special)

Maguro Brothers


Teddy's Bigger Burgers The Daley Chocolate Mousse: Tiny Pyramid (chocolate pyramid i didn't try anything else)

Drinks: Bar Leather Apron (make a reservation and sit at the bar)

Beer: Growler USA

Tiki Bar:

Skull & Crown Trading Co.

La Mariana Sailing Club (vibes)

Sesame Tangyuan: Dew Drop Inn

Pho: Tater tots:

Frozen dumplings:

French fries: Italian sandwich:


Mau'umae Trail

Koko Head Crater Trail

Things other people will recommend you eat

Leonard's Bakery Rainbow Drive-In Koa Pancake House Zippy's

KCC Farmer's Market

Tonkatsu Tamafuji Liliha Bakery (i have to support them because they serve jelly)

Ko Hana Distillery

Ted's Bakery

Don Quijote

Things other people will tell you to eat

saimin spam musubi


Published by cindy 6 months ago on Thursday the 21th of November 2019.

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